Roland Seiler-Blarer

I am an Associated professor at the Department of Urology at the University Hospital Bern in Switzerland. Beside being the coordinator of the Uro-Oncology Cancer Center and the daily work as a uro-oncological surgeon, I am mainly interested in clinical and scientific aspects of bladder cancer. During my residency, I had the good fortune spending two years at the Institute of Patholology and got a thorough insight in genitourinary pathology. In addition, during a two year research fellowship at the University of British Columbia with Prof. P.C. Black, I was mainly working on genomics, high-throughput technologies and computational biology. This skillset allowed me to investigate the impact of bladder cancer molecular subtypes in patients treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy. For this work, I was awarded both the Alken Prize (2016) and the Maximilian-Nitze Award (2017) from the German Society of Urology (DGU). Moreover, I was awarded the prize for Best Abstract in Oncology at the EAU Annual Meeting in London (2017) and the Best Paper on Clinical Research at the EAU Annual Meeting in Copenhagen (2018). Connecting the molecular landscape of bladder cancer with responsiveness to different treatments is the main focus of Bladder Cancer Research group at the Department for BioMedical Research at the University Hospital Bern. We are focusing on the in-silico identification of drug-gene interacations as well as the investigation of responsiveness in patient derived models.

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