Federico La Manna

As a scientist, my main interest is on bone metastasis and on immune system regulation, a topic I've been investigating since my master thesis in Bologna, Italy. After graduation, I've spent a few years at the Istituto Romagnolo per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori (I.R.S.T), a young and vibrant cancer research center in Forlì, Italy, where I've been trained to translational research in a multidisciplinary environment. I've then started an international PhD program connecting Leiden University, in the Netherlands, with University of Bern, Switzerland, where I'm spending my last PhD year. During my PhD, I've learnt a multi-platform approach to research questions, through the establishment of scientific collaborations with medical doctors, engineers, chemists, bioinformaticians and biotechnologists. I'm currently focusing on the molecular mechanism of prostate cancer progression and metastatic dissemination.