Microvasculature on chip

The majority of cancer related deaths are due to the formation of distant metastasis. Advanced PCa (Prostate Cancer) as well, is frequently associated with bone metastasis. The entire process of distant metastasis formation mainly relays on the capacity of MIC cells (Metastasis Initiating Cells) to enter the bloodstream from the primary site and disseminate to distant tissues. Metastasis formation is a very complex process that requires the completion of several steps including intravasation, transit, initial arrest, extravasation, survival and proliferation. The microvasculature on chip is a novel in vitro tool that can be used to recapitulate the early steps of cancer cells dissemination, survival and micro-metastasis development. Aim of the project is to develop a prostate derived as well as a bone derived microvasculature on chip. This two models will serve the purpose of further characterize the process of intravasation of cancer cells in a prostate microenvironment and extravasation in a bone microenvironment.

Marta De Menna