Unraveling Bladder Cancer Therapy Resistance

This project aims to identify the molecular signature of action of specific drugs and pinpoint the master regulators in drug response for both MIBCa and NMIBCa. The transcriptomic profile of a small cohort of patient-derived organoids (PDOs) and patient-derived xenograft organoids (PDXOs) will be analyzed before and after treatment. We will use the VIPER (Virtual Inference of Protein-activity by Enriched Regulon analysis) algorithm to identify the master regulators (MR) involved in drug response. Finally, the MRs will be validated on a different cohort of PDOs. We will analyze the transcriptomic profile of the new set of  PDOs and use the MRs network identified in the first cohort to select the potential drug candidate that will be tested in vitro to validate our findings.

Siqi Wu