ProEpiCare: Prospects of using Epi-Drugs as a Tailored Approach in Prostate Cancer

In prostate cancer (PCa), one of the significant challenges is the management of castration-resistant disease (CRPC), for which no curative therapy is available yet, leading to death. Thus, new and effective treatment options are needed. CM-272 is a novel epigenetic drug that targets G9a, often overexpressed in CRPC, displaying strong anti-tumoral effects in 2D and 3D models of advanced PCa. However, the molecular impact of CM-272 in PCa is yet to be determined. Specifically, the main goal of the ProEpiCare project is to uncover molecular determinants of CM-272 response in patient-derived models, leading to the development of tailored epigenetic therapy. Thus, this project will better understand the CM-272 anti-tumoral molecular effects in advanced PCa.

Filipa Moreira Silva