Molecular and functional characterization of genetically engineered mouse prostate organoids

The aim of the project is to establish and characterize mouse prostate organoids overexpressing the oncogene Cripto (Tdgf1) wich is involved in the formation of bone metastasis and its expression is associated with disease progression. We hypothesize that aberrant increased expression of Tdgf1 in the primary tumor can support tumor growth and facilitate the formation of distant prostate cancer metastasis. To test this hypothesis, we plan to genetically edit organoids from different transgenic mouse models of prostate cancer and overexpress Tdgf1 by means of lentiviral infection. We will characterize the impact of Tdgf1 overexpression on organoid proliferation, formation efficiency and protein expression and also when critical metabolic routes, such as glycolysis, are perturbated by means of 2-DG treatment.

Alba Neher