Characterization of bladder cancer drug responses in organoids and ex vivo models

Bladder cancer (BLCa) is the fourth common cancer in European men. Non-muscle invasive BLCa (NMIBC) and muscle invasive BLCa (MIBC) have specific clinical profiles and require different treatment approaches. However, they underrepresent the clinical complexity of patients. Thus, characterisation of BLCa subtypes is crucial to account for tumor heterogeneity. Pre-clinical models, such as patient-derived organoids (PDOs) and ex vivo tissue culture, are useful tools to screen drugs and tailor medical care to a patient’s individual genetic background.

In this study we aim to characterise drug responses of BLCa samples and correlate to molecular subtypes based on transcriptomic profiles. Moreover, we explore the applicability of our pre-clinical models to determine drug sensitivity profiles of BLCa patients and personalize chemotherapy accordingly.

Mirjam Kiener